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Merger and acquisition : Lenz International, Corporate finance company
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If you want to use an M&A advisor, why select LENZ International ?

• Special expertise with respect to Franco-German cross-border M&A

Working in France and in Germany is our primary focus. That keeps us current on the developments, market trends and the players who can have an effect on your company. We assist our clients directly in both countries, with every aspect of their Franco-German growth strategy, providing an exceptional level of service. From our offices in Paris, France and in Munich, Germany we serve the cross-border needs of subsidiaries of German companies in France, of subsidiaries of French companies in Germany and of international clients looking for cross-border growth development.

• Intercultural M&A Process Management

We are totally immersed into the French and the German cultures and we know how to handle Franco-German cultural differences. We believe that at the intersection of M&A and cross-cultural differences, there is a need for process facilitation supported both by operational cross-border transaction experience and intercultural management expertise. We aid our clients to identify creative, successful ways of leveraging any cultural differences for the benefit of an effectively managed M&A process. In every phase of the acquisition process, our approach produces compelling solutions to our clients helping them to deal and to work more effectively across cultures.

• Personal involvement

We are the specialists. We handle assignments in extremely close coordination with senior management and shareholders to assure the most effective strategy, the broadest set of local contact and the achievement of a timely, effective transaction. We offer a highly confidential and personal service, tailored exactly to your needs. We are totally committed to our clients, giving them 100% support whatever the circumstances.

• Seamless cross-border execution of the entire M&A process

We provide our clients with objective, independent and competent advice and we cross the border with them when it comes to offering our comprehensive transaction management services. LENZ International helps its clients identify and leverage the issues which are specific to cross-border deals for the benefit of a successful and cost-effective closing.

• CFO background

We have operational experience on your side of the desk – we know the needs of CFO’s and we know about the impact of their decisions in terms of corporate strategies and execution of mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and corporate partnerships. We have been there. We know about the gap between recommendations and results.

• High-Level Consultancy

We are the experts. We can make the process of cross-border corporate development into France or Germany move quickly and effectively. Our independence and our size makes us highly flexible. We can quickly align ourselves as your project manager, whenever and wherever you need us. Native language fluency and intimate knowledge of both cultures and customs provide added value to our services in the course of a transaction.

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