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Merger and acquisition : Lenz International, Corporate finance company
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• Strategic pre-acquisition planning: the Commercial Due Diligence (CDD)

Many mergers and acquisitions fall somewhere between opportunism and planning. We aim to help our clients plan their acquisitions by way of defining – or redefining – an initial Merger & Acquisition Strategy with the preparation of an Investment Plan.

Merger & Acquisition Strategy is the framework and the justification within which a specific deal will "fit" and on the basis of which the transaction process will be implemented. It allows the definition of the merger and acquisition market approach that will work best for the client’s organisation. It lays down the operational work process for building the M&A Strategy into the company’s overall growth strategy and its fundamental basis of competition.

At LENZ International, we help our clients identify their Franco-German cross-border options and alternatives. We map out strategic scenarios for business development (i.e. specialisation, integration, diversification) and we help our clients in justifying the execution of a particular transaction (i.e. continuity of operations, consolidation, new growth opportunity). We enable our clients to move quickly as they seek to broaden primarily into France or Germany through acquisition or corporate alliances. We help develop an acquisition or a sale whilst exploring all the other options open to our clients which could meet their strategic needs.

At LENZ International, we help our clients engage in strategic M&A evaluation. Every investment must lead to ongoing value creation. We assist in evaluating the value-creating potential and the strategic logic of an acquisitive market presence primarily in France or Germany, for whichever reason (i.e. market entry, vertical expansion, capture of asset or financial synergies or realisation of economies of scale along the value chain).

At LENZ International, with our knowledge of local French or German business practices, legal, regulatory and political environments, we are able to focus our clients on the strategic "fit" issues of an investment whilst advising - with the right emphasis - on possible organisational and cultural issues. Expect us to always explain the local economic and cultural implications of any cross-border acquisition-related decision.

At LENZ International, we help planning the combination of global strength with local skills and culture. We manage the acquisition screening process, advising you precisely on where to invest. Expect us to profile your industry participants, to identify potential sellers and to pre-qualify a list of priority investments. Through our Commercial Due Diligence, we help you understand how your investment in France or in Germany will create value for your share-

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